RoHS Certification

Restriction of Hazardous substance is supposed to be the full form of RoHS certification which specifically belongs to the European Union legislation. We tend to make use of portable RoHS analysers for the purpose of screening as well as verification of RoHS compliance. The main objective of this certification is to stop the usage of hazardous substance which tends to be present in the electronic goods. Most prominently, the materials such as mercury, hexavalent chromium, poly-brominated di-phenyl ethers, and cadmium are checked during the process of certification provision.

Benefits of RoHS Certification

-> The certification helps in the improvement of the communication across the supply chain. Ultimately, it will foster the development of other initiatives of European Union such as REACH.
-> The manufacturers will strictly take care of the production process which finally increases the efficiency of the products and ensures the reduction in the number of defects.
-> The landfills will no more get leached because of the absence of harmful and hazardous materials in the disposed wastes.
-> This certification will also foster the skill set of the workforce belonging to Asian countries as well as other under developed countries.

Seek RoHS Certification?
RoHS certification is highly important in order to prevent the environment from getting polluted due to the presence of hazardous materials. It demands the usage of safe electronic goods and other relevant products in the European countries. Ultimately, it controls the amount of harmful waste being generated due to the use of such harmful materials.

What is the cost of RoHS Certification?
However, the cost of the RoHS certification depends on the type of material or product category required to be tested. Additionally, the price is depended on the number of tests being performed in order to achieve the expected result.

Why Choose Us:

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