AGQR Certifications

About AGQR Certifications

AGQR is an accredited certification body. This means that AGQR Certifications is authorized to audit organisations and issue certificates against a variety of management systems (including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE Marking, RoHS Certification, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000/ HACCP, ISO 27001 (ISMS), ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485 and SA8000). American Global Quality Registrar is an independent, Read More.

SA8000 Standard (Social Accountability International):
What is SA8000?

The SA8000 is a management system standard that encourages an organization to develop, apply and maintain socially acceptable practices at your workplace. The extremely useful tool is applied word wide as a standard for measuring social compliances and verifies accountability at the workplace.

SA8000  Standard
The benefits of implementing SA8000:

The SA8000 certification ensures that the workers are getting a fair deal at the workplace; it shows transparent business practices that ultimately increase the credibility and ethical values of a company.

How do you start to implement SA8000? What is involved?

After addressing concern towards the employees and their working environment, it is necessary to specify the implementation of The SA8000 standards.

Why seek certification to SA8000?

The mission of SA8000 certifications is to establish human rights of workers around the organisation. It encourages managers to make sustainable systemic changes to run their business and move the management beyond a checklist approach. The certification is a proof that your business is employee friendly that provide a safe, secure and protected environment at the workplace.

The SA8000 certification takes the business to the new level, creates the brand reputation and opens the doors of both domestic and international market. Support better supply chain management, enhance performance, improve employee’s recruitment and boost up the productivity. As a result, it generates public awareness of companies’ commitment working towards employees’ welfare and at the end; all consequences lead the company to the higher position.

SA8000 Audit Process:

The implementation of SA8000 clauses makes not only your business efficient but also prevents the organisation from the potential defects. It helps in internal as well as external management of the entity and gives the assurance of error free operations. The professional SA8000 standards cover the wide area of the audit processing in the entity.

Why choose AGQR certification for your audit?

Being a third party assessment body, The AGQR access a wide range of manufacturing and service companies throughout the India. The company’s pricing structure and approachable identity result into ease of SA8000 certification. The company’s emphasis is firmly placed on practicality.

What is the cost of Audit to SA8000?

The cost of the audit of SA8000 depends upon the size, location, process and complexity of the operation. The AGQR has designed a guidance price list that deals with the size and nature of the company. Requirements of the Audit to SA8000 certifications are limited but they all are must to do and comply with.

Where to obtain further information or help?

For more information about our audit process, kindly contact our office or you can also e-mail us.